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Digital Marketing Manager Job Description

Digital Marketing Managers are in charge of creating, developing, and managing marketing campaigns to promote a certain brand or a product. Their goal is to connect with the market through digital sources, establish a connection with potential customers, and raise brand awareness.

They use various analytics tools and research the market to optimize marketing campaigns, drive traffic to the company’s website, and generate leads.


Similar Job TItles:

Project Manager, IT Manager, Social Media Strategist, Brand Manager, Account Manager, Marketing Specialist

What Does A Digital Marketing Manager Usually Do?

Digital Marketing Managers are responsible for developing and managing online marketing strategies for a brand or a company. They use research and analytics tools to enhance the impact of a brand in the digital community, with the intent of driving purchase. 


Here’s a list of activities Digital Marketing Manager typically performs:

  1. Designs campaigns
  2. Oversees content creation
  3. Manages social media marketing campaigns
  4. Communicates with clients and employers
  5. Analyzes the consumers and web traffic
  6. Tests new digital platforms 

Designs campaigns

Digital Marketing Managers are in charge of creating a digital marketing campaign that will appeal to potential customers and drive traffic. They are the result of extensive research and creativity. The role of Digital Marketing Managers is to put themselves in the shoes of consumers and think about the most attractive ways of reaching them. 


Digital Marketing Managers take team members’ ideas and research results and narrow down the choices to make an outline of the marketing campaign—including goals, theme, tone, and content. They are in charge of overseeing the responsibilities of each team member and defining individual tasks. 

Oversees content creation

Social media platforms are one of the most comprehensive ways of reaching potential customers. They create a fertile ground for posting original content intended to enhance site traffic and form an online community of loyal followers. That content can be as simple as advertisement or posts, or as complicated as e-books or video series. 


Digital Marketing Managers have to think about the type of content that customers will respond to. That involves approving the length, type, and style of the content, as well as adjusting those factors to different types of the target audience.

Manages social media marketing campaigns

A Digital Marketing Manager’s job is to be aware of different factors that affect a successful marketing campaign and help the team navigate through all of them seamlessly.

That includes managing followers, keeping the company’s reputation in check, and educating team members on using social media tools to create more traffic and reach the campaign goals.

Communicates with clients and employers

Communication is the key to running a successful digital marketing campaign. Digital Marketing Managers need to use their communication skills to explain the workings of digital marketing to clients and employers, and the value it will bring to promoting a certain product or a brand. They also need to discuss the status of the campaign and possible changes.

Analyzes the consumers and web traffic

Conducting analyses is a key factor in designing a successful digital marketing campaign. It involves researching the market to find out the latest trends, interests, and the attitude of potential consumers, and use the acquired knowledge to think of a concept for the campaign that will connect them to the brand. 


They also have to perform an in-depth analysis of web traffic to optimize the campaign, social media marketing, email marketing, and digital advertising. 

Tests new digital platforms 

Digital Marketing Managers have to stay informed of the new, modern digital platforms to be able to create and maintain a social presence on all of them. The success of the digital campaign depends on the ability of the marketers to be in all places at once, and test the impact they produce on each individual platform.


Roles Digital Marketing Manager Typically Collaborates With

Digital Marketing Managers’ work implies collaboration with a number of different roles. Here are the most common ones:

Roles IT Managers Collaborate With
Marketing Director Social Media Designer Marketing Coordinator
Content Manager Market Research Analyst SEO Specialist
Director of Business Development  Social Media Consultant Creative Director

Digital Marketing Manager Salary

The average annual salary for a Digital Marketing Manager in the United States is around $100,000. 

Depending on the experience level, qualifications, and the organization of the company, a Digital Marketing Manager’s annual salary can range between $54,000 and $154,000.

What is the Digital Marketing Manager Pay Difference By Location?

Here in an overview of an average annual Digital Marketing Manager’s salary in major U.S. cities:

City Average Annual Salary
San Francisco, CA $157,500
Seattle, WA $131,469
Denver, CO $91,422
Austin, TX $120,000
Washington, DC $89,426
Milwaukee, WI $93,350
Boston, MA $108,589
New York, NY $122,830

What is the Digital Marketing Manager Pay Difference By Experience?

Digital Marketing Manager’s salary also differs by experience. Here’s a table of average Digital Marketing Manager’s salaries based on the experience in the field:

Years of Experience Average Annual Salary
1–4  $74,000
5–9 $87,000
10–19  $114,000
20+ $123,000

Digital Marketing Manager Job Description Template

We at [Company Name] are looking for a motivated, creative, and experienced Digital Marketing Manager to join our company and lead our team of talented marketing experts. Your job will be to design, implement, and coordinate the entire digital marketing strategy for our business. 

Digital marketing is an extremely important aspect of our business, so you will be playing a crucial role in enhancing the impact of our brand and making our company a household name. You will be able to make big decisions and use your technical knowledge and creative input to boost our company’s revenue through digital channels.

You have to be responsible, team-oriented, collaborative and a true leader to fit this role. You also need extensive knowledge of technology, social networks, and web traffic analyses. 

Digital Marketing Manager Responsibilities:

  • Planning and delivering all digital marketing strategies, including social media, email marketing, and advertising campaigns
  • Managing company’s social media presence 
  • Analyzing the performance of digital marketing campaigns and customer experience across multiple channels
  • Staying informed on the latest technology developments and practices
  • Leading and supervising members of the marketing team
  • Communicating with clients and upper management, making suggestions for improvements
  • Managing the digital marketing budget

Digital Marketing Manager Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in digital marketing or any other related field
  • + years of experience in working as a Digital Marketing Manager, or a similar role
  • Vast knowledge of different digital marketing channels
  • Experience in running or designing digital marketing campaigns
  • Solid knowledge of website analytics tools
  • Solid understanding of b design
  • Outstanding verbal communication skills
  • A positive, problem-solving personality
  • Great time-management skills