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Marketing Coordinator Job Description

The job of a Marketing Coordinator is to support the initiatives of a company’s marketing department by managing all of its marketing efforts. They commonly work with a Director or VP of Marketing to identify and perform crucial tasks that help the company reach its established marketing goals. This includes developing, incorporating, and tracking marketing activities that can boost the brand image and increase customer satisfaction.

One of the primary tasks of a Marketing Coordinator is to create and execute marketing strategies. They perform market research and identify marketing trends that can help the company improve its business efforts. 

Similar Job Titles:

Marketing Specialist, Marketing Assistant, Marketing Manager, Marketing Director

What Does a Marketing Coordinator Generally Do?

Depending on the size of the company and the structure of the marketing department, a Marketing Coordinator can be responsible for a range of different tasks. Some of the most common responsibilities of a Marketing Coordinator are:

  1. Handling marketing logistics
  2. Performing competitor research
  3. Managing email marketing campaigns
  4. Ensuring brand consistency

Handling Marketing Logistics

As a role that is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies, a Marketing Coordinator needs to handle all the necessary logistics. They need to determine the specifics of each marketing campaign, such as the timeframe, deliverables, and budget constraints.

If the company is launching a product, a Marketing Coordinator needs to develop an effective marketing campaign to support it. They also need to plan a proper launch event and establish crucial elements such as key messages, marketing communications, and critical success factors.

Performing Competitor Research

A Marketing Coordinator needs to research the competition’s marketing activities and identify marketing trends that can help the company improve its business efforts. This includes assessing competitive products and retailers by evaluating factors such as pricing, advertising, and market share. 

Marketing Coordinators also need to establish and maintain research databases based on the competitor information they collect.

Managing Email Marketing Campaigns

A Marketing Coordinator is commonly assigned to build and manage mailing lists for email marketing campaigns. They identify the target audience and establish crucial factors such as the unique sales proposition (USP), triggers for sending emails, and the duration of the campaign. 

Marketing Coordinators also establish solutions for customer retention, such as loyalty campaigns and feedback surveys.

Ensuring Brand Consistency

Another task that a Marketing Coordinator performs is writing original copy for the company website, print advertisements, and social media channels. 

Working alongside Copywriters and Graphic Designers, Marketing Coordinators are responsible for ensuring brand consistency across all marketing materials and channels. This includes developing and maintaining a brand voice and image effectively.

Roles a Marketing Coordinator Typically Collaborates With

Based on the range of responsibilities they have in the company, a Marketing Coordinator usually works closely with roles such as:

Roles Marketing Coordinators Collaborate With
Content Writer Brand Manager Graphic Designer
VP of Sales Web Developer Data Analyst
Product Manager Creative Director Copywriter

Marketing Coordinator Salary

A Marketing Coordinator’s average annual salary in the United States is $56,000.

In line with factors like skills, education, and experience, a Marketing Coordinator earns from $50,000 to $65,000.

What Is the Marketing Coordinator Pay Difference by Location?

Let’s take a look at how the salary of a Marketing Coordinator differs in some of the largest cities in the United States:

San Francisco, CA $70,499
Seattle, WA $61,667
Denver, CO $57,037
Austin, TX $55,469
Washington, DC $62,784
Milwaukee, WI $55,818
Boston, MA $63,545
New York, NY $67,849

What Is the Marketing Coordinator Pay Difference by Experience?

Based on how many years of experience they have in the field, the average annual salary of a Marketing Coordinator is:

Years of Experience Average Annual Salary
< 1  $55,401
1–4  $59,574
5–9 $61,986
10–19  $62,621
20+ $64,907

Marketing Coordinator Job Description Template

[Company Name] is looking for a Marketing Coordinator with excellent research and organizational skills. We need you to join our marketing department and coordinate the company’s marketing efforts, such as managing marketing campaigns and performing competitor research.

Working alongside our excellent marketing team, you’ll be responsible for maintaining consistent branding across all of our marketing materials and communications. You will collaborate with our Copywriters, Content Designers, and other creative professionals to produce high-quality copy for our target audiences.

We’re looking for candidates with superb critical thinking and problem-solving skills that have plenty of experience managing teams and coordinating marketing efforts.

Marketing Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Develop and incorporate effective marketing campaigns
  • Perform customer surveys to boost the marketing campaigns’ performance
  • Identify competitors and collect data to determine marketing trends that can help the company improve its business efforts
  • Create mailing lists and manage email marketing campaign efforts
  • Work with the creative and marketing departments to produce exceptional promotional content and maintain brand consistency across all channels
  • Manage product launch events
  • Handle the logistics for each marketing campaign by establishing timeframes, deliverables, and budget constraints, and communicating them to other departments
  • Set up tracking systems and assess the performance of each marketing campaign
  • Generate forecasts on a weekly, monthly, and annual level

Marketing Coordinator Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, or another relevant field
  • Previous working experience as a Marketing Coordinator or a similar role
  • Comprehensive understanding of email, digital, content, traditional, and social media marketing
  • Experience in producing high-quality copy and content
  • Proficiency in using data analytics software and identifying marketing trends
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to coordinate a team of creative professionals
  • A detail-oriented mindset and strong organizational skills
  • Solid experience using Content Management Systems