Top 5 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs

The tech landscape is developing along with emerging technologies, such as automation, virtual reality, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence. To support the innovation that is affecting businesses across the world, there is a high demand for job roles in data science, engineering, cybersecurity, and web development. 

A large number of traditional businesses is embracing these technological developments and looking more and more like tech companies. Organizations from different industries, such as retail, media, finance, healthcare, and automotive, are incorporating various technologies to streamline processes and improve their business efforts. Top candidates for such companies have a balance of soft and tech skills.

Based on the assessments made by recruiters and career experts, the most in-demand tech jobs are:

  1. Cybersecurity engineer
  2. Full-stack developer
  3. Data scientist
  4. Scrum master
  5. DevOps engineer

Cybersecurity Engineer

With the rapid growth of cybersecurity threats, it’s hardly a surprise that security is one of the greatest concerns for both businesses and consumers. 

Companies are constantly on the lookout for the best methods and solutions for improving organizational safety. They want to make sure that the products they’re putting out are safe from hackers that would try to exploit them. This has led to an increase in the number of cybersecurity engineer jobs. 

Full-Stack Developer

When it comes to web development, full-stack developers are more in demand than ever. Companies are shifting from building separate back-end and front-end development teams to hiring developers that can work all levels of building websites and applications. 

When it comes to coding languages, companies are mostly looking for Java, Python, and JavaScript developers.

Data Scientist

Data mining and analysis have become crucial activities for companies to identify growth opportunities. Almost every modern business collects data both internally and via third-party sources. This enables organizations to determine different kinds of issues and discover marketing trends that can improve their business efforts. 

As a result, data scientists, analysts, and engineers are some of the most sought out job roles.

Scrum Master

Plenty of companies need an agile framework that enables the development, delivery, and maintenance of complex products. This is why many of them are turning to Scrum as the optimal solution and looking to hire experienced Scrum Masters. 

DevOps Engineer

DevOps practices are based on quick code deployment with as few errors as possible. This is why more and more companies are hiring DevOps engineers to manage coding, scripting, and process development. 

The demand for DevOps engineers is growing rapidly. It has shifted from below 1% in 2012 to over 24% in 2017. It’s considered one of the best jobs in the United States today and in the years to come.

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