4 Ways To Beat Spring Fever in the Workplace

With the warm and shiny spring days at the doorstep, working in an office often starts to feel confining. Many people would rather spend their time outside, enjoying the warm weather and taking in all that sunshine. As a result, their productivity at work tends to drop.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with all your tasks and responsibilities when spring fever strikes, here’s some advice on how you can boost your productivity.

Reward Yourself for Being Productive

If you’re feeling tempted by the warm weather outside, you can turn it into a reward for completing a set of tasks. Determine what needs to be done and  allow yourself to have five-minute to fifteen-minute breaks. It’s an effective solution for dealing with your work priorities and enjoying a bit of time off.

You can jot down a list of the things you’d like to do when you go outside. This way, you’ll have something to look forward to once you’ve finished a chunk of your work.

Start the Day Earlier

One of the best ways for dealing with spring fever is to plan ahead and start your day earlier than usual. Try talking to your manager and see if you can move your shift back for an hour. This way, you can have a longer lunch period or end the workday sooner. With the latter option, you can spend more time outdoors after you’re done with your tasks for the day. 

Let the Light In

To battle spring fever properly, you need to accept the change of seasons. Let the warmer days work for you by opening the blinds and letting the sun into your workplace. The idea is to bring your work environment as close to feeling like you are working outside as possible.

Plenty of people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, aptly abbreviated as SAD. It’s normal to feel down because of a new season setting in, but introducing more light into your workplace is a proven medicine for boosting your productivity.

Bring a Live Plant to Work

If your job allows it, you can let some of that enticing outside world into your workplace by bringing a live plant and putting it somewhere you can see and smell it. Not only is it a fantastic stimulus for your senses that can help you feel like you’re connected with the outside, but it also purifies the air and helps you breathe.

Before you bring a wonderful English ivy or African violet into the office, check with your colleagues whether they have any allergies. 

Spring fever can be an issue for people of different ages, from kids learning at school to adults working in an office. The good news is that you can battle the urge to drop what you’re doing and go outside by applying these practical solutions.

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