Stronger Teams Acquired By Workello

Stronger Teams is rebranding as Workello to better reflect its mission to help fast growing content teams hire better writers.

Delaware, Middleton, Sept. 20, 2021 – Stronger Teams, LLC, today announced that it is rebranding as Workello, LLC, effective October 2020.

In 2020 Workello, formerly Stronger Teams, launched to help organizations build happier, healthier teams. In 2021, that mission evolved to focus on a gap in the hiring market for products built specifically for content teams.

“Hiring writers is broken. We spent thousands of hours building and optimizing a hiring funnel that would help us evaluate and test thousands of candidates. This level of investment is outside the scope of what any organization can invest into hiring writers,” said Workello founder and CEO, Nick Jordan. 

“The #1 thing we’re hearing from the community is ‘how do we hire better writers, faster?

Workello is a simple system, pre-configured hiring funnel to help content managers, editors, and founders centralize their candidates in a single dashboard and test candidates, reject applications, interview, and send candidate offers with a single click – without leaving Workello.

“We’re excited to help companies with the whole content team stack, from systems and processes, to job description templates and examples.”, said Jordan.

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