39% of Employees Admit to Faking Sick Days To Enjoy Summer

Coming up with excuses to take a day off and enjoy the summer weather is a growing trend in plenty of companies. 

Harris Interactive’s “Summer Absenteeism” survey, as cited by Inc, determined that 39% of employees admitted to having faked sick days in the past. 30% of the respondents said that they planned to do so again in the future. Most of the participants decided to use the time off to go shopping or spend time at the beach.

As a solution to the problem, plenty of employees were in favor of “summer Fridays”, when they would be able to take a half or full day off.

While many companies believe that taking the time off isn’t an issue as long as the client requirements are met, managers generally agree that occurrences such as summer absenteeism are difficult to track.

Aside from making excuses to spend some quality time outside while the days are warm, plenty of employees decide to skip work because of a boss, event, or co-worker that they don’t like. 

While some employees come up with legitimate-sounding reasons, a survey by Business Insider collected some of the funniest excuses people have made to take a day off. Here are a few of the most ridiculous ones:

  • “I was stuck under the bed”
  • “The universe told me to take a day off”
  • “My grandmother poisoned me with ham”
  • “I poked myself in the eye while combing my hair”
  • “The cooker exploded and scared my sister”

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