How To Get Hired and Advance Your Career Working for a Startup

When it comes to working for startups, you’ll commonly hear two points of view—it’s either too risky or extremely rewarding. The reality is that startups provide plenty of opportunities for advancing your career. They are more flexible and consist of creative and passionate individuals with innovative ideas. 

If you decide that a startup is a perfect place for you to start building your career, you need to find the answers to two crucial questions:

  • What does it take for me to get hired by a startup?
  • How do I advance my career while working there?

How To Get Hired by a Startup

Getting hired by a startup is not as easy as some people think. Let’s take a look at several ways you can show that you’re up to the task.

Show That You’re Capable of Adapting

One of the most common traits of startups is that they’re constantly changing and adapting to the growth of the organization and different business practices that will shape the company. To show that you’re a good fit for such an organization, the hiring manager needs to see that you’re flexible. 

You need to be curious, prepared to learn, and able to provide innovative ideas on how the startup can improve.

Show a Passion for What The Startup Does

You need to show a passion for the startup’s vision and products. It’s crucial that you do your research and show the organization that you can be a valuable asset. A company that is still building and evolving depends on individuals that are dedicated to their cause. 

You can show them that you are the right person for the job by providing constructive feedback on your experience with their product. Start meaningful discussions about it on their blog and social media channels. This way, you’ll show that you’re a brand evangelist that can improve their team.

Prepare for the Interview

When you get invited to an interview, you should prepare some of your answers and questions ahead. While startup interviews are commonly more casual, ensure that you look professional and sell them the best pitch for why you think you’d be perfect for the job. Present them with valuable suggestions on how you think your role can help the startup succeed. 

You should show that you’re ready to take on different responsibilities since startups usually have fewer employees taking on various roles.

How To Advance at a Startup

In an organization that’s constantly evolving, it may seem daunting to figure out how to progress your career. Here’s some advice that can help you climb the ladder.

Take On New Projects

While startups focus on evolving to meet the industry standards, they also commonly have a limited budget. This shouldn’t discourage you because the organization’s efforts to expand mean that it’ll likely take up different projects. 

While performing various tasks that you’re assigned with, pay attention to which department the startup is likely to focus on developing the most. Volunteer to help with any projects relevant for that department, and your boss will probably appreciate your efforts and keep them in mind when it comes to your future in the organization.

Let Everyone Know About Your Goals

If you want to get ahead at a startup, you need to make it known. While your managers appreciate your growth, they might not be aware of what kind of advancement you’re after. Do you want to be assigned to more projects or are you looking to be promoted to a higher-ranking role?

Let your manager know about your goals. Be specific about the kind of skills and experiences you want to gain and be open about which role you would like to take on when given the opportunity.

Show That You Can Lead

You may not be managing a team, but you will have plenty of chances to show your leadership skills. When the organization hires new employees, you can offer to provide them with the necessary training and knowledge. You can also show that you can be autonomous by establishing a plan for how you can be most productive. 

If you can show the management that you’re capable of taking matters into your hands and being a role model to others, you’re likely to be the person they think of when deciding who to promote.

If you work hard, take up different projects, show that you can lead, and pay attention to how the startup is evolving, you’ll have a bright future working there.

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