Software Development Job Descriptions

Software Developer Job Description

A Software Developer is a person that creates or supervises the creation of a software program.  They build those programs to facilitate and enable activities on computers or other digital devices, including laptops, phones, or tablets. Some of those activities range from playing video games and watching movies, to creating reports and performing analysis.

Software Developers use their technical expertise and knowledge of programming languages to create programs for different fields or industries. Those programs can be customized to adapt to the specific needs of any business. 

Similar Job Titles:

Software Engineer, Video Game Designer, IT Director, IT Specialist, Web Developer, IT Manager

What Does a Software Developer Usually Do?

A Software Developer oversees and participates in every aspect of creating a software program. That includes planning, establishing parameters, writing, designing, coding, encrypting, and testing. 

Here’s a list of activities a Software Developer usually performs:

  1. Creates and test a software program 
  2. Tests and monitors the quality of the new and existing systems
  3. Communicates with clients and project managers
  4. Collaborates with other team members 
  5. Writes reports for future reference

Creates and test a software program

Software Developers are involved with the entire process of creating a software program. That process usually starts with defining the specific functionality of the program, designing it, and giving instructions to programmers to write the computer code and test it.


If the program doesn’t work or proves to be too difficult to use, Software Developers have to identify the mistake and perform corrections. When the program is delivered to the clients, Software Developers are in charge of regular upgrades and maintenance.

Monitors the quality of the new and existing systems

Software programs have to keep up with changes in technology. This means the Software Developers must provide the service of maintaining and improving the quality of new, as well as existing systems, to ensure their full functionality. 


The maintenance of software solutions includes analyzing client’s suggestions and requirements, creating and implementing solutions for existing issues, quality enhancement, and optimization.

Communicates with clients and project managers

The first step when developing a software solution is sitting down with a client and finding out their exact expectations of the final product. Software Developers are also in charge of communicating with clients on a regular basis about the possible changes in their requirements.


Software Developers also need to keep the project managers informed about the status of the program, as well as possible adjustments, at all times.

Collaborates with other team members

Software developers have to collaborate with other roles, such as Project Managers, Database Administrators, Sales and Marketing departments, and Graphic Designers to make sure everybody is on the same page when it comes to creating a specific program. 


They have to agree on everything from defining a product, creating a design, and ensuring data security, to promoting and advertising the software solution. 

Writes reports for future reference

When Software Developers finish the program, they need to document all the changes, adjustments, tests, and other valuable information to know exactly how the process went, and what to improve or do differently on future projects. They write for the benefit of their future selves, as well as their team members.


That process includes documenting code and design decisions, writing manuals for the users, and instructions for building the program.

Roles a Software Developer Typically Collaborates With

Depending on size and organization of the company, a Software Developer can work alongside a number of different roles. Here are the most common ones:

Roles Software Developers Collaborate With
Marketing Director Data Engineer Project Manager
Graphic Designer Programmer Analyst Creative Director
Marketing Analyst UX Designer Computer Programmer

Software Developer Salary

The average annual salary for a Software Developer in the United States is around $72,000. 

Depending on the experience, the skillset, and the company, a Software Developer’s annual salary can range between $50,000 and $105,000.

What is the Software Developer Pay Difference By Location?

Here is how an average annual Software Developer salary differs in major U.S. cities:

City Average Annual Salary
San Francisco, CA $104,784
Seattle, WA $91,733
Denver, CO $75,274
Austin, TX $75,335
Washington, DC $81,035
Milwaukee, WI $61,906
Boston, MA $84,202
New York, NY $89,741

What is the Software Developer Pay Difference By Experience?

The level of experience also impacts a Social Media Manager’s salary. Here’s a table of average Social Media Manager salaries by experience level:

Years of Experience Average Annual Salary
< 1  $62,000
1–4  $69,000
5–9 $82,000
10–19  $91,000
20+ $98,000

Software Developer Job Description Template

[Company Name] is looking to hire a Software Developer that will help provide industry-leading solutions for our clients.

As a Software Developer at [Company], you will be in charge of leading a team of ambitious Software Designers to strategize, develop, and deliver high-quality software solutions. A Software Developer is expected to use advanced technology tools and techniques, as well as to adapt a unique approach for developing a program that the company will be proud of. You will be working in a flexible, positive, and collaborative work environment, alongside our [insert departments—e.g., Sales, Marketing, Design].

A Software Developer should be a goal-oriented and organized person, with a creative and innovative mind. They must have extensive knowledge of mathematics, computer science, and programming languages. 

Software Developer Responsibilities:

  • Collaborating with clients and a Project Manager to create a design for new software
  • Communicating with team members and delegating responsibilities
  • Performing tests, looking for errors in the system, and creating solutions 
  • Providing regular reports for clients and the Project Manager regarding the status of the project, as well as possible changes
  • Implementing software updates and providing maintenance when necessary
  • Keeping a record of the entire project flow
  • Providing mentorship for lower-level employees

Software Developer Requirements:

  • Bachelor Degree in Technical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, or another related field
  • X years of experience as a Software Developer or a similar role
  • Outstanding leadership skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Great organization skills
  • Superb knowledge of programming languages, computer systems, technology, and mathematics
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Advanced ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines