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Recruiter Job Description

A Recruiter’s main task is to fill a job vacancy in the company that hired them. They go through resumes and get in touch with individuals that are qualified for a particular job position. The Recruiter’s job is to interview the candidates and review their work experience to determine whether they meet the company’s requirements. Some of the aspects that they evaluate are punctuality, interview skills, and professional presence.

Aside from finding the right person for the job, a Recruiter also helps applicants get ready for the interview. This includes offering suggestions on how to write the best possible resume and cover letter. Recruiters can act as advocates for the applicants by overseeing salary negotiation. They can also inform them about industry news and provide advice on labor laws and employment issues.

Similar Job Titles:

HR Generalist, HR Coordinator, HR Specialist, Human Resources Manager

What Does a Recruiter Generally Do?

While a Recruiter has the best interests of both the employer and the applicants in mind, the company is their client. Since the employer pays them a fee, the Recruiter’s primary goal is to find the best person that fits the company’s criteria for a particular position. In line with their priorities, a Recruiter commonly performs tasks such as:

  1. Understanding the company’s hiring needs
  2. Finding talented individuals for job vacancies
  3. Overseeing the interview process
  4. Following up with the candidates

Understanding the Company’s Hiring Needs

To find the right candidate for a job position, a Recruiter needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the company’s recruitment needs. This includes having a grasp on the company’s mission and projected growth rate. This way, a Recruiter can figure out which job roles should be prioritized. 

The company can have broader and more specific hiring needs. It could be looking to recruit people for a variety of positions across different departments or building a team that consists of specific job roles. 

Finding Talented Individuals for Job Vacancies

When a Recruiter understands the company’s hiring goals, they can look for candidates that are fit for particular job positions. The Recruiter’s task is to post job ads on the company’s website, social media profiles, and relevant job boards. They need to research every individual that applies for an ad and determine whether they might be suitable for the job.

After reaching out to the applicants, the Recruiter needs to assess whether they fit the company’s hiring goals based on their skills, work experience, and professional career goals. If they are a good match for a particular job position, the Recruiter will invite them to an interview.

Overseeing the Interview Process

A Recruiter needs to plan and set up the interview. This task includes managing logistical details, figuring out the time that suits all parties, and preparing both the interviewers and applicants for the interview process. 

Aside from coordinating the interview, the Recruiter also needs to set up a system for gathering feedback. This enables them to know how well each candidate did and prepare a proper follow-up.

Following Up With the Candidates

After the interview and the assessment of each applicant, it is the Recruiter’s job to follow up with the candidates by letting them know about the outcome and the status of their job application. The Recruiter needs to inform the unsuccessful candidates that they didn’t pass the interview and extend job offers to those that have been determined as suitable for the role.

Roles a Recruiter Typically Collaborates With

Let’s take a look at some of the roles within the company that a Recruiter commonly works with:

Roles Recruiters Collaborate With
Chief Executive Officer Data Analyst Digital Designer
Consultant Web Developer Social Media Specialist
Copywriter Director of Communications Project Manager

Recruiter Salary

A Recruiter’s average annual salary in the United States is $49,000.

Based on factors such as their skill set, experience, and the company hired them, a Recruiter earns from $35,000 to $76,00.

What Is the Recruiter Pay Difference by Location?

Here’s the average salary of a Recruiter in some of the most prominent cities across the United States:

San Francisco, CA $71,667
Seattle, WA $62,689
Denver, CO $57,981
Austin, TX $56,388
Washington, DC $63,824
Milwaukee, WI $56,742
Boston, MA $64,598
New York, NY $68,972

What Is the Recruiter Pay Difference by Experience?

Based on how many years of experience they have, the average annual salary of a Recruiter is:

Years of Experience Average Annual Salary
< 1  $42,000
1–4  $50,000
5–9 $58,000
10–19  $61,000
20+ $65,000

Recruiter Job Description Template

[Company Name] is looking for a skilled Recruiter to work with our hiring managers and understand the recruitment needs of our company. You will be responsible for managing the complete recruitment cycle for crucial roles across different departments within the company.

Your job will be to develop a recruitment strategy and produce job descriptions and specifications. You will source, recruit, and help us hire top talent that will boost our company’s growth.

We are looking for a decision-maker with strong interpersonal and communication skills. You need to be able to recognize and attract the best candidates for particular job positions.

Recruiter Responsibilities

  • Develop and incorporate an effective recruitment strategy
  • Produce and update job specifications and descriptions
  • Arrange recruitment materials
  • Post job ads on the company’s website, social media channels, and relevant job boards
  • Evaluate resumes, cover letter, and job applications
  • Perform interviews and evaluate the candidates’ skills, knowledge, and experience
  • Follow up with successful candidates and update the company’s internal records
  • Be a point of contact between the candidate and the company during the selection process

Recruiter Requirements

  • Previous experience in recruitment or human resources
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management or another relevant field
  • Excellent interpersonal, decision-making, and communication skills
  • Extensive experience with conducting various types of interviews
  • Comprehensive understanding of HR databases, Applicant Tracking Systems, and Candidate Management Systems