Why Americans Are Afraid To Take Sick Leave

The concept of sick leave as the time you take off to rest and recover from an illness has become an issue in the United States. People generally avoid taking a day off, even if it means working from home with a slight fever. 

Why are Americans afraid to take sick leave?

With about 45% of U.S. workers not being able to take paid sick leave, it’s hardly surprising that even those that can are worried about how it will affect their performance. 

With larger workloads due to company downsizing, plenty of employees are anxious about falling behind with their tasks. Some are afraid that their employers will see them taking a day off as a sign of disloyalty or incompetence. This is especially the case with freelancers that have even less job security.

The situation has led to many people working in circumstances when they should be resting at all costs, such as when passing a kidney stone, undergoing cancer treatment, etc.

On the bright side, some businesses provide their workers with sick leave that they don’t have to explain to be able to get. In many such companies, taking a day off is known as personal emergency leave.

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