5 Ways To Get Noticed by Recruiters

Finding a new job can be tough with the fierce competition you need to think about. Depending on your field, there are probably hundreds of applicants for the job you’re after, each with a unique set of skills and previous work experience. 

This is why you can’t just sit back and wait to be discovered. You need to take active steps that will get recruiters to notice you and determine that you’ve got what it takes to fill up the job position.

Here are some actions that you can take to put yourself on the recruiters’ radar.

Build a Strong LinkedIn Profile

When it comes to getting noticed by recruiters, first impressions are crucial. One of your primary assets is your LinkedIn profile. You need to fill up all the sections on your profile and keep them up to date. Write a compelling summary and make sure to include skills, education, languages, and previous jobs. Your profile also needs a professional photo that presents you in your best light.

You can reach out to a former co-worker and ask for a professional recommendation. Let recruiters know that you’re looking for new opportunities by setting up job alerts for specific criteria. This way, you’ll make your profile more searchable.

Optimize Your Resume

If you want to come up as the right match for a particular job opening, you need to optimize and maintain your resume. You need to focus on keywords that emphasize your skills and experience. This includes hard and soft skills, languages you speak fluently, the software you’re experienced with, etc. 

Recruiters check resumes for keywords that are relevant to the company they work for. They might also use applicant tracking software to scan for specific keywords and eliminate resumes that don’t contain them. 

Reach Out to Recruiters Directly

Instead of waiting to be found, you can take the initiative and reach out to recruiters directly. Do your research on the companies you’d like to work for and compile a list. Look up the businesses on LinkedIn and get in touch with their recruiters. Send them a clear and compelling message about yourself where you highlight your skills and interests.

You can take your efforts a step further by meeting the recruiters in person at job fairs. Find a local job fair where you know that your target company’s recruiters will be, dress to impress in line with your field, and carry a few copies of your resume. If you’ve got a business card, all the better.

Leverage Your Social Media Profiles

Social media channels can be the perfect place to network with the right people. Join groups, get in touch with their members, and share content that is relevant to your field. By building a strong social media presence this way, chances are that you’ll catch the eye of recruiters or other people that can get you closer to landing the job you want.

Never Give Up

Whether it takes a while for recruiters to reach out to you or you get rejected for a job role you’ve been excited about, you must never give up. Keep looking for new opportunities and stay focused on your goal. The more effort you put into your job search, the better your chances of a recruiter noticing you and inviting you for an interview are.

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