When You Should and Should Not Be the Office Funny Guy

If you’re a funny guy when you’re not working, why shouldn’t you entertain your colleagues at the office with your jokes? 

While some people would tell you—Why not?—the answer to the question is a bit more complicated than that. Let’s take a look at a few perspectives on humor in the workplace.

Funny People Stand Out

If there’s something we can all say about people with a sense of humor, it’s that they stand out from the crowd. This applies to movies, parties, and workplaces alike. The issue with being the office funny guy lies not only in the subjectivity of humor but also in its appropriateness in line with a particular situation. 

If you show your sense of humor at the workplace, you can boost your status by appearing as a more confident person to your colleagues. The problem is that you can sometimes lose that status with a single inappropriate joke.

When Is It Okay To Be Funny at the Office?

If you’re a humorous person, you should feel free to let your personality shine at the office. What’s important is that you are considerate to your co-workers. There’s a thin line between being funny and obnoxious. You should be respectful to others and keep a healthy balance between humor and professionalism.

When it comes to joke types, you should steer clear of sex jokes and political humor. While the advice to “play it safe” may sound boring and restrictive, there are certain lines that you shouldn’t cross. The last thing you want is to make someone feel offended or start a fierce political debate in the wrong place.

How To Be Funny at the Workplace

The best way to joke around with your colleagues is to treat humor as a way to build relationships with them. Don’t be the guy that tells a joke so loud that the entire office can hear unless you know that everyone’s going to appreciate it. If you know your colleagues well, you can joke with them when you’re alone. 

Humor can be a great method for building friendships and smoothing out work relationships. Don’t make jokes at the expense of others if you don’t know how well they’ll take it, especially in front of others. If you’re going to be the office funny guy, do it in a way that brightens the mood and makes your co-workers appreciate you more.

When Not To Be the Office Funny Guy

If you’re working in an office with more traditional values, you don’t want to be the office funny guy. Even if some of your co-workers find your jokes funny, chances are that your managers don’t. If you don’t want to get called into the boss’ office, you should tell your jokes only to colleagues that you’re on familiar terms with.

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