4 Essential Steps To Fire Up Your Job Search This Winter

Finding a job can be an exhausting task even when a global pandemic isn’t making everything twice as harder. Now that we’ve got to deal with the mess that COVID-19 has made out of the economy and worry about risking our health wherever we go, job hunting may seem like an impossible endeavor. 

What’s important is to keep your chin up and not stop looking. When it comes to how you should approach your job hunt, the following four essential steps still stand:

  1. Search
  2. Do your research
  3. Network
  4. Get in touch


The first step consists of knowing how and where to search for jobs. You should use job search websites to find the companies you’d like to work for. Such sites provide various information about businesses, including size, location, industry, benefits, etc. 

When you find the companies that interest you, make a list. Find the contact info for each company and look them up on social media channels. If you’ve got contacts that work there, they can be of help.

Doing Your Research

Now that you’ve found the companies you’d like to work for, you need to do thorough research on them. Learn all you can about them on their websites, read any recent articles on them that you can find, and check out who their clients are. 

You need to find out what each company is looking for. This way, you can determine both whether you’re a good fit and if you want to work for them at all.


When you’ve got a clear picture of what each company is about, you need to tap into your professional networks. Get in touch with relevant people in the industry and the contacts you might have in the organizations you want to work for. See if you can schedule informational interviews with them to gain insight into the companies.

Aside from getting valuable information from these people, you might be able to expand your network and find a way to get hired more easily. If they are contacts that you’ve worked with before, you might even ask for a recommendation.

Getting In Touch

When you’ve collected all the information that you need and combed your professional network, you need to get in touch with the hiring managers of the companies you’re interested in. Go to LinkedIn and look into each company’s HR department. Find the people you can contact and see how they operate. 

You can get in touch with the hiring managers directly via a concise message about who you are, what you’re looking for, and what you can bring to the table. You can also try to get their attention first by engaging with the content on their LinkedIn pages. By replying to their posts with relevant and valuable comments, you can show that you’re interested in the company’s goals and vision.

If you manage to grab the hiring managers’ interests, they’re likely to respond and let you know about any further steps that you can take.

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